BioFlame Briquettes is a company dedicated to producing an environmentally efficient alternative to heating homes.We are situated in Chemainus BC and are devoted to putting our local market of Vancouver Island first. We produce a great product that limits the environmental impact associated with heating your home.

We understand that people are searching for an alternative from firewood and non renewable fossil fuels to heat their home. So we offer environmentally friendly sawdust briquettes that are used in any stove and provide copious amounts of heat.

Alternative to Firewood
Briquettes more economical than firewood? That depends on whether firewood is purchased pre-cut or is cut and split by the homeowner.
100% All Natural Wood
No Artificial Binders
High Energy Efficiency
No Artificial Chemicals
Minimal Ash
Reduced Storage Volume
Renewable Resources
Less Smoke Than Wood
Made On Vancouver Island
For a retailer near you please
Contact Us at bioflame@shaw.ca
or (250) 709 7502
BioFlame Briquettes

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